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Dem Brows Got Game

I would say without doubt the one thing I get most questions and queries from you guys about is my brows. As you already know I’ve had semi-permanent brows for a while now and I’m a massive fan. Due to over-plucking I had patches that just would not grow back regardless of how many lotions, potions and serums I tried and as I have naturally quite thick lashes they were really noticeable. So I finally took the plunge (you can read about my semi-permanent eyebrows journey here). Anyways, although now I have a good shape and base to work with I still need to use product to create that finished look. I went for quite a natural semi-permanent shape (most people wouldn’t even notice that they’re done) which is what I wanted for future security (because we all know brow shapes and trends change). So in order to add extra thickness, sharpness and darkness my go-to product is the Benefit KA Brow!

I have been a total devotee to this product from it was launched. I immediately fell in love with the ease of use and the fact that you get the little brush and product in one handy little pot. It is also brilliant for travelling and throwing in your handbag, plus the cream colour really stays put unlike some of the powder variations I’ve tried previously (which end up half way down my face by lunchtime). As it says on the box it is a ‘buildable’ colour which is great for both daytime and night-time and it means the same product works whether I’m going for a natural look or a super glam full face of makeup. I love that I just need the one product – that’s possibly more laziness on my part but hey I’m just being honest and I’m not claiming to be a makeup expert of beauty blogger lol

A few Monday mornings ago I took you along on my snapchat (deec1987) and insta (ddonohoe_stylist_blogger) to a lovely event that the gorgeous Benefit girls had organised in Belfast city centre just outside Ten Square.

It was fully brow-focused so definitely a meetup I was delighted to be a part of and as I’m already a committed Benefit brow gal I didn’t need convinced. The lovely Kate Kelly (below) introduced me to the team AND the amazing Brow Mobile.. seriously how cute is this wagon?? I was super jealous that they got to drive around in it lol I would love this anchored in  my back garden (if it was big enough) like a little girlie getaway.. the dream.

Brow Queen Katie showed us lots of tips and tricks and briefly explained about different brow shapes and the various products and kits that Benefit offer to make getting fab brows really easy. I love how they have different sets and kits to compliment the different shapes and styles of brows out there. Not everyone wants a heavily defined, angled brow and it’s great to see products and tools to create light, natural brows for everyone’s tastes and colouring. I think brows are so so important in framing your face and it’s equally as important that we shape and define our brows in ways that compliment our face shape and features. If you are in anyway confused and unsure just go see one of the girls at a benefit brow counter near you. I can tell you first hand that the girls on the Debenhams counter in Rushmere are fab and really really lovely.

As I mentioned before I’m very much a ‘one-product’ type of gal so when Katie showed us some of the other products and tools Benefit offered for Brows I was a little unsure. I have to say though they are pretty idiot proof (that’s coming from a fully-fledged idiot) and arguably they do help give an even better brow… (I hate admitting any level of defeat lol). I loved the personal, individual approach katie took, giving each of us a 1-1 mini brow masterclass. For me this is so important as our brows are all so individual so copying someone else or cloning one approach is never going to work and we’ve all seen what bad brows can do to a good face …

Anyways we got given a little brow set to take home with us and try out. I got the ‘Defined and Refined Brows‘ in number 6 which is very much my brow style and colour match. Interesting I use colour 5 however in the Ka-Brow benefit product but that’s because as I said previously it’s more buildable. So after a few weeks of using am I convert? Well I’m not going to lie and say I now use every product perfectly everyday (some mornings getting my face washed, moisturised and adding some mascara and ka-brow is an achievement in itself). However I do now see the value and ‘benefit’ for want of a better word, in having a few more strings to your bow. The PRECISELY, MY BROW PENCIL and the BROW mapping tool in particular have really helped me get a much more refined and ‘finished’ look to my brows and I’ve found myself adding a little of the BROWVO! conditioning primer to my brows before I go to bed at night. I figure if the morning ends up in a panic least I know my brows will be tamed and conditioned lol. The High Brow PENCIL is super handy to highlight under the brow to really make it pop and it is a lot easier and quicker to use than a powder . You can find out more info on all the Benefit brow products over on their website.

Well that’s my 2cents for you! Hope you’re all having a lovely week! As always if you’ve any questions don’t be afraid to shout, come over and say hello on my Instagram! And if you want to see the  ‘very non-technical’ way I apply Benefit KA-Brow you can see my short video over on my Facebook page Danielle Donohoe Stylist NI tomorrow!

Love Danielle xx

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