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How much is your posture affecting your health?

Hi guys,

So something a bit different for you all today. As you know I’m trying (though currently failing) to refocus on my health and fitness after REALLY  falling off the wagon over the past few months. I also have plans to run a half marathon in March for Alzheimer’s in memory of my granny, but as I’m currently suffering from sore knees and other aches and pains as a result of training, I really need some professional advice to be able to not only see it through but also avoid doing any serious injury.

After speaking to one of the trainers at my local gym , Gary Spiers, he’s agreed to try and help by sharing some of his knowledge and expertise in both PT and Sports Therapy. I know from my snapchat that lots of you have encountered the same issues and fears so I figured rather than keeping the info to myself I’d let Gary share it with all of you starting with this short blog on posture. Who would have thought something so simple could be so important! Also keep an eye out for some upcoming live sessions and Q&As we will be doing on my snapchat (deec1987) and Instagram!

Danielle x


Hello Everyone,

With over 20 years in the sports industry covering roles that have included player, coach, trainer and rehab specialist I have gathered an extensive knowledge in the field of body conditioning and management.

I would like to take a bit of time today to speak about something that affects every single person on the planet but is widely overlooked as an important factor in our day to day life…….Posture.

The 21st Century is not a good time for the human body. We aren’t designed to sit as much or as badly as we do, or to spend hours hunched while studying a computer screen, often with a phone squeezed between our shoulder and ear, and we are certainly not designed to pull off some of the footwear fashion demands off us today………but this is life and we have to adapt with it!

Now for a bit of technical jargon to explain why good posture is so important (promise to keep it short)……..the muscles in our bodies come with opposites, as one shortens the other lengthens. Now……if one of these muscles stays in a shortened state localised pain may develop in that area and the opposing muscle will overstretch and risk muscle strain.

So basically what that means is if you have an activity in your life you repeat daily using certain muscles (shortening), remember to balance out the opposing muscles by isolating them through activity also, this creates the balance that aids in long term joint and posture health.

So for example, jobs that require you to sit for most of the day tend to shorten abdominal (tummy) muscles and lengthen erector spinae (lower back) muscles. So remember to do your back extentions to maintain the balance.

So……..after all this you’re probably sitting thinking…….what shape is good posture and what does it look like. This is my take on it, and advice on what kind of body alignment you’re looking for…….

Imagine a string attached to the top of your head that’s pulling you upwards. The idea is to maintain the body’s natural spine curvature with a straight neck and shoulders parallel with the hips……

– Keep your shoulders back and relaxed

 – Pull in your abs

 – Feet hip distance apart

 – Even weight between both feet ( don’t lean on one leg)

 – Keep head upright

 – Knees flexed and legs straight

Simple posture chart

So, I hope I haven’t bored you with a little insight on the importance of Posture. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask or get in touch, and thanks for reading!










Gary Spiers

PT and Sports Therapist.


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