Trend Watch: Active-Wear

Well hello there!

I’ve decided to try and get myself a little (or ALOT) more organised in 2018 by adding some regularity to my blogs and what I’ll be blogging about. Hopefully it will be useful for you guys to know what’s coming and by committing to a schedule of sorts it will also focus me on getting content to you more promptly.

So Monday’s from here on in will be ‘Trend Watch’ where I will choose a particular trend or style and give my two cents on it.

With it being January and so many of us on a mission to get fitter, embrace exercise or loose those festive pounds, it seemed a no-brainer that we would kick off looking at active-wear.

Now I for one pretty much live in my sports clobber especially as I work from home quite a bit so I love how stylish it has become. Yes there is a bit of a running joke surrounding ‘active-wear’ (I’m sure you have all seen the hilarious video floating around Facebook). I see it as a bit of fun though and I definitely wouldn’t let it stop you rocking your comfies for all to see, just as long as their on point!

So where do you look?

Well if you are particularly sporty and exercise regularly it probably makes sense to invest in some quality gear that stands the work-out and constant washing cycle, as well as looking good. For me personally that brand is Nike. Honestly the Nike pro tights are my absolute favourites and I have been a loyal purchaser over the past few years. They just wear really well, wash really well, stay up (totally squat proof), fit great and they look great. They come in a range of prints and colours and always have a mix of coordinating tops, crops and jumpers to make finishing the look easy. Other brands that seem to be hitting the mark at the moment are Gymshark, Under Armour, Pink Soda and New Balance.

Nike Pro tights available from JDsports

Pink Soda at JDsports


Your laid back clobber doesn’t have to break the bank. Primark and Dunnes in particular have seriously upped the ante on style and you can get so much for your dollar.

Primark Alice-Liveing-Workout-Collection-2018

Dunnes Hot pink Zippy

Dunnes Grey hoodie £19


Dunnes Padded jacket £25

Dunnes Red/Navy Jacket£30 Matching Trousers £25

Primark Trainers £10, Leggings £6, Top&Bra £7

If you are more fashion-focused than interested in working up a sweat you really can get the best of both worlds with some of the more fashion-forward ranges available. Or simply style up the pieces you have. Grab that oversized sports tee and pair it with your leather leggings.

Pretty Little Thing have some gorgeous active wear sets some of which I’ve posted below and making me really want to get to the gym and work on those abs asap!!!

But don’t despair if you’re not in a position to flash the midriff just yet. A mesh top or oversized loose tee over these cute two-pieces (maybe tied in a side knot for more shape) will let you rock any of these without feeling too exposed.

In the Style also have some fab bits too – think I might need these monchrome leggings!


If however you fervently believe that active-wear should be solely reserved for the gym that’s perfectly fine. The great thing about ‘trends’ is they swing in and out and they’re not for everyone so we can pick and choose which (if any) we’d like to try.

Just do you. Always.

However one huge non-fashion related bonus I have found in wearing active-wear in my day-to-day is that it always seems to encourage me to be generally more active. I tend to park further away from my destination, always take the stairs, will walk where and when possible and I’m also less likely to skip out on that exercise class. You can’t be bad to that surely?

Anyways, hope Monday has been good to you,

Catch you on insta-stories or snapchat,


Danielle xx

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