Skincare Update: Using Image

I know I’ve been promising this post for ages guys so apologies for the wait. BUT when reviewing and talking about skincare I think it’s important to have been using it for an extended period before you can really have an opinion! I get asked all the time about my skincare regime especially since I’ve massively reduced how much I wear makeup. Most day’s I’m pretty much makeup-free bar some mascara or if I do want a little coverage I’ve started to opt for lighter foundations or else a cc cream. Don’t get me wrong when I’ve somewhere to go I still love all the glam and the contouring but day to day the bare-faced approach has been winning out.

Over the years I’ve never really fallen into a set regime for skincare and floated a little from brand to brand. In recent years I’ve primarily moved between Elemis and Dermalogica and still consider the dermalogica multi-vitamin power firm (eye cream) and the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream and cleansing balm as quality hero products to have in my arsenal.

However, after hearing so much about the Image range both online and from friends and family I really wanted to give it a go. My sister had used it religiously along with the Image facials on the lead up to her wedding and her skin was amazing. So when the lovely Terri from advance skincare and dental in Banbridge invited me to try out an Image facial I obviously jumped at it. Since then I have been absolutely hooked not only on the facials but on the at home product range too. It is genuinely the best thing my skin has ever experienced and I never felt more confident in going around makeup-free.

NOW I am not saying this range is some kind of magic or that it is for everyone. At the end of the day our diet, water intake, skin type, sun exposure and other factors have a massive impact on our skins and if we don’t obey the basics, no product, no matter how great is going to perform wonders.

However, for me my time with Terri and the Image products has hands-down got my skin in the best condition it has ever been.

The Image range itself is pretty extensive and there are several different collections of products each targeting different skin types, concerns, requirements and age groups. I really would not recommend just choosing products from the range by yourself. To really get the benefit and invest wisely go and see someone like Terri who is an absolute skincare guru (honestly her level of knowledge on skin is amazing) and knows and understands the Image range inside out.

You can do a free consultation, discuss any skin concerns you might have or what your skincare goals are and she will be able to recommend which products or facials are best for you. No pressure. The range is a little pricier than others on the market but personally given my own results I’m happy to pay the price for something that actually works for me, rather than throwing good money after bad with well marketed products in great packaging that does absolutely nothing for my skin. There are different pricepoints across the product ranges too so you can discuss budgets with Terri as well. In the main it’s quite similar to the Elemis/Dermalogica prices.

So what do I use?

Terri has me on a few products from across the Image ranges that suit my needs rather than simply sticking to one collection. Also there are a few products and facials that are a little stronger which I had been using previous to pregnancy and were amazing but due to the ingredients, specifically glycolic acid, I stopped using these when I became pregnant on Terri’s advice. Another reason to make sure you have someone you trust in charge of your skincare.

So here is what I am currently using:


I alternate between the Ormedic balancing cleanser (£30) which is a lovely light everyday cleanser perfect for removing any makeup residue and the MAX stem cell facial cleanser (£30.50) which has that little added creamy luxe.



Day Moisturiser – PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturiser (£39). If you follow me on social you will know I’m always raving about this moisturiser. It feels amazing on the skin and has a finish not unlike a primer so it leaves the skin feeling almost airbrushed. I love it! Plus it’s got an SPF factor 30+ included. If you aren’t already using an SPF product EVERYDAY you need to sort that asap – even in the winter!!! One thing I will also say about this moisturiser is that you need so so little of the product, literally a pea-size amount is loads (same can be said to be fair of most of the range so it really does last).

Night-time Moisturiser – the MAX stem cell creme (£99.50) This is literally the cream of the crop when it comes to moisturisers (in my opinion) hence the hefty price tag. Now the MAX range is the most expensive collection within Image by some way so if you are not interested in paying that sort of money don’t be put off as there are other options. Having said that, if you really want to invest in your skin I can’t recommend this product highly enough. Like I mentioned previously I have been buying and using the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream for several years and I certainly rate this a level above. Again I use so so little of the product each night so it is really lasting. I really do credit it with the improved texture, feel and look of my skin in recent months. It’s also helped minimise the look of those fine lines that are creeping up day by day. All in all, heart on heart, I can recommend it and will definitely be repurchasing myself. I’ve even been recommending it to my mummy.

Lips – Ormedic sheer pink lip enhancement serum. My lips have been horrendously dry and cracked recently so I have been pampering them with this little serum (£21.50). It also comes in a clear formulation but I personally like the pink as I’m mostly wearing it instead of any other lip colours or tints until I get my lips back in shape.

… and that’s it. I also use my dermalogica eye serum every second night and I will most likely also go back to using the Image Iluma serum (pending Terri’s seal of approval) as I had been using it before Christmas and really loved it. It is great for keeping skin even-toned/reducing redness.

If you have any skincare questions or would like to learn more about the skincare range and/or the various facials and peels you are best getting in touch with Terri direct. As being brutally honest, my knowledge only extends to what I use! I’ll pop her details below and a wee pic of her below:

advance dental & skincare Banbridge:

3a Jinglers Court
Call 028 4066 9944

Facebook page

advance website 


2 thoughts on “Skincare Update: Using Image

  1. Aren’t image products sooooo good!? Have you tried the vita c line? They’re sheet masks are AMAZING as well!
    Keep the skincare reviews coming!
    Wishing you beautiful skin,
    Ash 💗


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