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My New Baby ‘Must Haves’

Sorry this one has taken so long guys. I know loads of you have been messaging me asking me to compile a list of my newborn ‘must haves’ for weeks now so please accept my apologies. BUT think of it this way. 19 weeks in I can definitely tell you what we have loved and used!

First of though I want to address the term ‘must-haves’. I can just imagine my Granny looking down on me and laughing at the idea you need more than a big pram and a spare bottom drawer lol. Seriously though, as a new mummy who probably (definitely) bought more stuff than a ward of newborns would need, I joke.. (sort of). Please view this more as a list of things we found useful… definitely not MUST-haves. Everyone’s circumstances are different and I hate the idea that anyone would feel pressurised that they NEEDED things that in reality are just a nice extra.  New babies literally only NEED somewhere to sleep, a car-seat to get home from hospital, some baby grows and vests, a couple of blankets and a whole lot of love and cuddles.

That being said. Here’s what my little Elsie has been loving – because lets be honest she’s the actual boss now.

  1. Shnuggle Bath and Towel: If you follow me on insta you will know we LOVE this. Elsie has a bath every night and the design of the Shnuggle bath means she can sit up in it by herself and splash away (with me right beside her obviously). But my little independent miss loves the freedom it gives her now. It also made me feel much more confident bathing her alone at the start when she was so tiny. Definitely our top recommendation!! The towel is really versatile, such a great size (as I find lots of baby towels quite small) and it is also super soft. She has a drawer full of baby towels but I always make sure this one is washed and ready for our little princess!
  2. Sleepyhead: We actually debated getting this since we had the baskets but I’m so glad we did. At the very start Elsie wouldn’t settle in the baskets at all and she startled all the time in the ‘big spaces’ wakening herself up constantly. The snugness of the sleepyhead cocooned her and clearly made her feel safe and happy. Not sure we would have got her to sleep anywhere (other than on me) in those first weeks if we didn’t have the sleepyhead. It was also great for travelling and much easier to pack in the car than a basket. 
  3. Bouncer (We got the Ingenity one from Mothercare): Obviously it was a few weeks before she went into her bouncer but I never imagined she would take to it so well. Again I think Elsie liked the independence of sitting on her own but with us still in sight. Its still a big hit with her and now she sits and watches some baby tv for 10 mins while mummy gets a sneaky cuppa and washes the bottles. I also like that it’s lightweight so I move her around the house with me as I’m doing things like unpacking the dishwasher, loading the washing machine, doing dishes or making the dinner as she loves to watch and see what I’m doing. 
  4. Shnuggle sleeping Basket: Really proving its worth as she has grown out of the traditional basket already (so emotional) but still has lots of room in here so we can thankfully hold off on the cot for another while. I also love the modern style of this brand, the fact it doesn’t make noise when moved like the wicker ones and how easy it is cleaned.
  5. Traditional wicker moses basket (we got ours from Kings Baby shop Keady). We got this along with the Shnuggle basket so Elsie would have somewhere to sleep upstairs and downstairs as I was totally petrified of moving her up and down stairs in a basket (and lazy).
  6. Pumpables Electric Pump (If breastfeeding): Such a easy to use, efficient and easy to carry electric pump. I raved about it so much I also have a discount code for 15% off: DANIELLED15 
  7. Backpack change bag (with pram straps): There’s loads out there so go with what you like but definitely choose a backpack!!! I underestimated the logistics of carrying a baby/carseat and a bag when out and about. It is also especially handy at the pool!! I got mine on Amazon. 
  8. Gro-bags/Sleep bags: Branded or unbranded as Elsie has got older these are great for keeping her warm without the need for the dreaded sheets or blankets which had me panicking all night incase she wiggled them over her face. I also found the bag kept her from startling. I really wish I had of swaddled her from the start as her startle was so bad but we left it too long and when I tried she HATED it so it was a no go. 
  9. Angel-care monitor: A really clear and easy to use baby monitor. It also comes with a movement pad sensor though we are leaving setting that up until Elsie’s in the cot.
  10. White noise machine (myHummy): We started out with ollie the owl and Elsie really liked him (as did we) but he ony stayed on for 20mins max (then had a cry sensor) and we found Elsie was then startling and wakening with outside noises particularly during the day. We went for the bluetooth myhummy which means we can control volume, sounds and timer from our phones. Plus it stays on for up to 12hrs straight if you want it to. 
  11. Tommy Tippee perfect prep machine: If you are giving bottles this is honestly the best thing since sliced bread.
  12. Bella Moon….. If you are intending breastfeeding this multi use nursing cushion, day bed and feeding cushion is beyond helpful and created by a wonderful local lady!
  13. Playmat – Essential when they reach that ‘bored’ stage after a couple of weeks and to give you 10mins for a cuppa while they learn and explore. We got this Fisher Price one with the piano. 
  14. Gro Egg room thermometer: I found this so useful because it turns out I was WAY put when guessing our room temp and this put my mind at ease. 
  15. Baby Carrier: I have been using the caboo and really like it but intend moving to the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier one in the coming weeks for outside adventures.


Anyways that’s my top 15 (I think) though knowing my brain at the moment I’ve no doubt forgotten something! If I have I’ll always update you on my insta stories.

Hope it helps for all those asking and remember this isn’t a check list just some suggestions. I’ll be back next with a list of gift ideas for a baby shower or else ‘next stage’ toys and activities for when that tiny little bundle starts to get bigger and decides they need more entertainment and a chance to explore more than just their hands! I’ll put it to the vote over on my stories.


Love Danielle (& Elsie)



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