Top Soft Play and Activity centres for toddlers in Northern Ireland (as recommended)

Hey guys,


So as lots of you very kindly shared your favourite play recommendations for toddlers with me via Instagram a few weeks back, I figured I would share them on here for others to benefit too.

Elsie is almost 18mths old (I know WHERE does time go eh) and I find she now more than ever REALLY needs distraction, craves physical activity and challenges and generally needs to let of some serious toddler steam lol.

Not everywhere is quite equipped for her just yet though and she can be quite stand-offish if places are too big or busy (and she is only still my little baba too). So I’m really interested to try some of these suggestions and see how we get on… at least until the weather decides to behave itself and we can get outside a bit more.

Please note that unless there is a review by me beside the places listed below we haven’t personally been yet!!! Also, the majority of these are based around the Newry, lisburn, Banbridge areas as that’s originally where I had asked for recommendations for. However I will look at extending this list with your help.

I’ll also do my best to update the list with a personal review if and when we visit or if we find anymore toddler gems with good coffee!

Until then… enjoy 😉


Danielle xx


Top Soft play and activity centre suggestions for toddlers in NI


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